FREE Wholesome Meal Worth Rs 399 by Supply6 – Pack Of 2

Get FREE Wholesome Meal pack of 2 worth Rs 399. This taster pack contains 6 essential nutrients and it’s purely vegan + each bottle carries 100g of weight. It helps you to keep your immunity at the top to keep active throughout the day.

FREE Wholesome Meal from Supply6

Supply6 FREE Wholesome Meal Pack Of 2

Wholesome meal gives 406 calories which keep you full for 3+ hours. There is no added sugar in both meal. It also contains 27 vitamins & minerals which fulfill your daily 30% of requirement. Check out detailed nutritional information on the offer page.

How to Make Your Drink-

It’s very easy to make your nutritional drink ready, just 300ml of water to the bottle shake a little and your meal is ready to enjoy. Both the drinks are packed with 6 essential nutrients and all the ingredients used for the same are vegan.

FREE Wholesome Meals Worth Rs 399

Coupon Code To Grab The Deal-

Use coupon code TRYSUPPLY6 while completing the payment to get both meals for free. Shipping charges will be applicable of around Rs 150 for all the taster pack orders across India. COD is valid on orders worth Rs 500 or above.

Coupon Code for Supply6

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About Supply6

The brand name ‘Supply6’ itself hints about the mission they’re going with that’s supplying the essential 6 nutrients to everyone at ease without hassling with the morning rush for breakfast whenever needed. Supply6 mission is to make the “nutritionally complete food accessible for those on the go” as we all know and believe good food nurtures google people which helps to keep at the top physically and mentally healthy.

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