How to Cancel A Train Ticket Online In IRCTC 2023

Booking a train ticket has become a lot easier due to the online facilities are given by IRCTC. Because of the online IRCTC booking website, you don’t have to go to the railway station even you don’t have to wait for your number while standing in a long queue to book and to get a confirmed ticket.

Now it can be done on the tip of your fingers through a computer, laptop, or mobile. If you don’t know how to cancel a train ticket online in IRCTC then let me tell you it is very easy to cancel your ticket online using IRCTC online portal. Here you can get to know how to process the cancellation of your online booked Indian railway ticket.

The Cancellation process of a Train ticket in IRCTC
How to Cancel Train Ticket In IRCTC

Want your refund back? then follow the cancellation process to do so. Please check out here the step-by-step guide on how to cancel a train ticket online in IRCTC.

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Why Online Ticket is also called as E-Ticket

The online ticket booking process is very popular and most people use it and the majority of train tickets are booked from the official portal of Indian Railways IRCTC you should know that Tickets are printed before 4-12 hours and once they are printed you will no longer able to refund your payment, and added to this you can cancel your train ticket any time before printing out but only through Online cancellation process of a train ticket in IRCTC, there will be no profit if you visit the ticket counter for cancellation.

STEPS To Cancel A Train Ticket Online

Follow the below some simple steps to cancel the ticket online through the IRCTC official portal

STEP 1: Visit the official website of IRCTC
STEP 2: Click the option ‘Book tickets‘ to open a new page
STEP 3: Find the option ‘Passengers to be Cancelled‘ and fill in the details of the ticket which you wanted to cancel
STEP 4: Then later, check your account after receiving the notification of ticket cancellation for confirming the refund of the amount from which you had booked your ticket.
STEP 5: At last, but not least Regarding the partial cancellation you need to print a fresh separate e-reservation slip which is also known as an electronic reservation slip.

Note: You can’t cancel your ticket for a refund if charts are prepared so be cautious while canceling the ticket.

There are certain policies related to ticket cancellation let’s look at them because everyone must know it…!

Policies for the cancellation process of a train ticket in IRCTC that you must know!

There are certain deduction charges which are imposed on passengers whom tickets are confirmed but wanted to cancel 48 hours before departure of a train which is as follow

AC First Class/ Executive Class – Rs.240/-
AC Tier/ First Class – Rs.200/-
AC 3 Tier/ AC Chair Car/ AC 3 Economy – 180/-
Sleeper Class – Rs.120/-
Second Class – Rs.60/-

And you might be thinking of we told that you can get a refund before tickets are printed then why it is not mentioned because in the cancellation process of a train ticket in IRCTC if you cancel your ticket between 48-12 hours then charges may apply up to 25% of the ticket price

And if you apply for cancelation before 4 hours of departure of the train then you will get back your refund at least 50% with very bad luck…!

And if you are so much lucky the departure of the train itself get canceled in PRS due to any reason then no charges will be applied, you passengers will get a complete return of their ticket

Steps To Cancel Waitlisted or RAC Train The Cancellation Process Of A Train Ticket In IRCTC

Passengers who are not able to confirm their ticket due to any reason in short the Waitlisted or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) Ticket holders can cancel their ticket at anytime even 30 minutes before departure of the train and get a refund after deducting the clerkage Charges.

The clerkage Charges for RAC or for waitlisted is very low, for second class reserved and other classes are about Rs.60/- for each passenger.

And if your luck ran out then the train which is 3 hours late than the scheduled time, passengers get full refunds for RAC and waitlisted tickets without any charges however you must produce the ticket before the actual departure of the train to get the refund credited.

If you want to cancel your PRS (Passenger Reservation System) ticket then you are allowed a refund within three days, excluding the day of journey.

About Tatkal Ticket cancellation

For passengers who are holders Tatkal Ticket, unfortunately, there is no chance of refund on cancellation else a train is running more than 3 hours late than the departure or even worse train is canceled then you can ask for a refund without a doubt but you must file TDR.

As far as the waitlisted Tatkal Ticket Cancellation charges are deducted as per the ticket cancellation and Refund policy in IRCTC.
It is possible to cancel Tatkal E-ticket Partially, in case of partial cancellation you must print a fresh e-reservation slip separately.
Some words form us:

Be safe and cautious about the coronavirus, God may bless you with Great charm and luck so you may enjoy your journey to the fullest, now that you have learned the cancellation process of a ticket in IRCTC you can cancel your ticket while understanding all terms and condition which are related to refunds.

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