How to Convert Your Selfie Into A WhatsApp Sticker 2023

With the latest update on WhatsApp that has come with a new and wonderful feature in it which is of the WhatsApp Stickers! A better way to express through chatting which makes a double impression on the person you are conversing with. With its release, it has become an instant success among the users of both iOS and Android.

People have used this feature in many different chatting apps but WhatsApp has been everyone’s first choice and WhatsApp with stickers has been a hit!

As mentioned above, WhatsApp Stickers feature has been rolled out to both iOS and Android users but people on the latter iOS seem to have got some exciting options.

WhatsApp Stickers Update

There are 12 WhatsApp stickers packs by default, however, Android users can access third-party apps or stickers from Google Play Store, however, the same option has not been given to iOS users. With this option, Android users can create their own custom WhatsApp stickers pack and send them to their chats. This means that apart from other objects, your selfie can also be a WhatsApp sticker.

In total there are 12 WhatsApp stickers pack by default, but Android users have an edge here as they can access third-party apps or stickers from the Google play store, but the iOS users do not have this option yet. This option exactly means is that Android users can make their own pack of customized stickers and send it to whomsoever they wish to in their conversations. This means you can make your selfie a WhatsApp sticker. Isn’t that awesome? I love it!

So here we will be telling you how can you do that, it’s an easy step guide on how to convert your Picture or Selfie into a customized WhatsApp Sticker pack!

1. Access Google Play Store and download the application ‘Sticker maker for WhatsApp’ on your phone.

2. After installing and running the app, select the ‘Create a new sticker pack’ option.

3. For descriptive purposes enter the sticker pack’s name and author details.

4. Hit the new list button and a new page will open with empty stickers.

5. Add the stickers pack‘s icon and then hit the next tray to add a new customized WhatsApp sticker.

6. Hitting on the empty tray you will be offered two options to choose from either ‘take a photo’ option or ‘import from gallery’ option. Choose whichever option is preferred by you.

7. The selected picture would open up on a separate image editor tool which is a part of the ‘Sticker Maker for WhatsApp’ app.

8. Edit the picture as it seems fit to you.

9. After making the crop and edits save the image and repeat the steps for as many customizes stickers you wanna make.

10. Once you are done creating stickers tap on the Publish Sticker Pack option.

11. You will be asked now if you wanna add these stickers tour WhatsApp, accept and then you can see these stickers on your WhatsApp.

12. Now you have the liberty to send these customized stickers to whomsoever you want to in any conversation you want to.

Note: WhatsApp custom stickers are only available for Android users as of now and the least and most numbers of stickers in a pack are 3 and 30 respectively.

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